Monday, February 8, 2010

Q&A on my Health & Sporting new EYES

I've been getting alot of Questions about my Health & I do not mean to make it seem mysterious. ;) I just don't like being sick and honestly, I just don't want my Health to define who I am.

I am not a sick person. (too me anyways) I am loud, sassy, clumsy & funny. I get myself in a heap of trouble with my mouth or writing what's coming out my mouth, I like to feel the ocean sweep the sand from underneath my feet, I like to take bike rides with my kids, fly kites, & eat yummy food like Peach cobbler with Vanilla Ice cream. Watching the sunset on the ocean IS Serenity. I can put my feet in my mouth like nobody can. (still trying to figure out how to make a living off of that lovely "talent")

I never planned on having five kids, but I am so blessed to have five beauties kiss me goodnight. My kids are gifts from God & still belong to him. So I have to raise them accordingly. Which is tricky. Some people think I am a great Mom. Unfortunately, that is a myth. I try to do the best I can...but always fall short. However, I think most parents don't think they;re wonderful. make your mistakes & move forward. Kneowing better and doing better.

I could not Define myself without defining Derek. To define him, I would say, Strong, Commited, Human, Humble, my saving grace, my safe place, a wonderful father, Kind, and truly Lovely. I love being his wife. I really feel honored to be his wife & the mother of his children. We are good together. He is my best friend and truly, my better half. He keeps me going. That in a nutshell is me.

OK, now let's move onto the boring stuff. Medical. I have myriad of things that don't work properly and therefor, they play off one another. My body works like cleaning a house while kids are running through the house with mud all over them.

Also let me clarify, I saw a doctor who once told me, "It's not more then one problem. The odds are a million to one." (Well, I need to start playing the lottery.) I don't go to Dr. DAVID LUDLOW anymore. Nor would I encourage anyone to go to him either. But to each his own.

I have been diagnosed with: (((Sound the trumpets)))


Mya Fascia Pain Disorder/Syndrome

Colonic Dismotility my fav...NOT!
Colonic dysmotility is the diagnostic term for severe constipation caused by dysfunctional nerves or muscles, that is, nerves or muscles which don't work the way they should. Most patients with colonic dysmotility have delayed colonic transit, meaning it takes longer for material to pass through the colon. YAY ME!! ;)

Hashimoto's Disease (this was the toughest one to prove since my thyroid shows up "borderline-high". Thyroid meds can cause heart problems, that's why doctors are not just passing medication out for it.

NOw that might not sound like much. I have had 2 surgeries to get it down to these four. I had my gall bladder removed and my baby easy bake oven removed. (Hysterectomy)

Basically if you read the first few paragraphs of the websites given you can see they intertwine. I have entertained the thought, "If I fix one then they will all be fixed." After my surgeries and aggressive meds, I found out not true. Bummer. The other factor is due to the time frame of 11& 1/2 years of figuring out what was wrong takes it's toll on the body. My knees are pretty shot, faling does not help this. (which I tend to do alot of, as of late.) Nausea is daily. But that's life. Yes, I have tried herbal remedies. I am finding a balance between both.

I think most importantly, I am Sporting new EYES. What do I mean by that? Well, when you go through either chooses bitterness or you can learn compassion. You may gain an amount of compassion that you did not even realize you needed. Apparently I needed quite a bit. I am also learning to be optimistic.

To wrap it up, I am blessed. I have not gone through a National disaster. The Lord has met our needs by good family, great friends & sweet neighbors.